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Baa Baa Scuffs
Style of Scuff
Your shoe size & gender:
Length of your bare foot:

Your bare foot length from heel to top toe in centimeters. Please ensure to provide the length of the bigger foot as in general most people have one foot a little bigger than the other.


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Leather Colour Choices

Custom Made Product:
The sample images provided are indicative of the difference in choice available. Due to individual batch creation, the colour tone of the final leather product may differ in shade from the example picture.


Special Product Delivery Notice:

Due to custom manufacture of this personalised product, the items can not begin assembly until we receive your specifications. This delivery will take up to 21 days from confirmation of your size details and may ship separately from the rest of your order.


Flat Rate Shipping

All international and national P&H will be charged at our low rate of only AUD$40.oo

This flat shipping rate when incurred on small purchases is indicative of our internal costs and not just the price of delivery. We recommend taking advantage of our flat rates to best amortize bulk purchase deliveries. Small purchases are best acquired from our Retail Representatives.


Australian Made


Baa Baa Scuffs (100% Australian Sheepskin)

Mother Nature's Baa Baa Scuffs provide fashion and warmth. They are handcrafted by our Australian designer. Made from 100% Australian Sheepskin and fitted with ripple rubber sole for durability and strength.

Baa Baa Scuffs - without Cuffs

Baa Baa Scuffs - with Fur Cuffs

Size: Customize to your size
Gender: Unisex Design
Fur Cuff: With or Without
Choice of Colour:Sandy Beige, Chestnut, Pink, Dark Brown, Black, Grey,
Crimson, Hot Pink, Dusty Pink, Baby Blue or 'Water Resistant' Brown

Order Details: Please specify the following when ordering so that we may supply the accurate sizes:

  1. Your normal shoe size
  2. Your gender (male or female)
  3. Your bare foot length from heel to top toe in centimeters. Please ensure to provide the length of the bigger foot as in general most people have one foot a little bigger than the other.


The use of “Ugg” in relation to Sheepskin Boots

We use only 100% authentic “Grade A” Australian Sheepskin in the manufacture of Baa Baa Boots footwear. Though Some people choose to call our Baa Baa Boot product by the generic term Ugg Boots, we are not affiliated with either Decker’s “Ugg Australia” brand nor the “Urban Ugg Co.” brand and do not sell any of their products.

The terms ‘ugg’, ‘ug’ and ‘uhg’ with relation to sheepskin boots are legally recognised as generic terms in Australia (the term having been used and published in Australia for many decades prior to American adoption) and can be used to describe sheepskin footwear sold or manufactured by any Australian entity and is not to be confused with Trade Mark brands or their representatives. The American company (Deckers Outdoor Corporation {Deckers}) purchased "Ugg" as a Trademark in 1996 and has tried unsuccessfully to prevent Australians from using the term ever since.

For more on this, visit: www. Save Our Aussie Icon .com


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