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Quality Assurance

All products produced are in accordance to the guideline and requirements of Australian Government Health Ministry and International Health Standard requirements.

All products are produced at a licensed Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) environment and each required product is branded with a TGAIN approved Aust. L Number certified with an authorized authentic certificate issued by the Australia Government.

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Company Profile

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Company Introduction

The “Mother Nature” brand was established in the year of 1988 to coincide with Australia’s World Expo 88, as a show piece for Australian products.

Mother Nature has since developed and produced a variety of Austrian Made range of Nutriceutical Health Food supplement of Marine, Apiary and Flora products sourced from Australia’s environment.

Since 1998 Mother Nature Health Products Pty Ltd became a proudly 100% Australian owned company who has changed its strategies and directions, the company became involved in extensive research, development, production and marketing of nutriceutical products on a global basis.

The long-standing prominent brand products has always attracted many health conscious communities from overseas as well as within Australia, which we have experienced from sales records within Australia.

As a result of the Year 2000 Olympic Games held in Sydney, Australia, the company has significantly increased awareness of the branded products and its importance to health and lifestyle market exposure around the Pacific Rim.

Our company specialises in the production and marketing of nutriceutical products suitable for Asian and European who seeks a healthier lifestyle naturally.

Over the years the company has developed distribution channels for the marketing of its high value, high quality products in the distribution of the Mother Nature’s branded nutriceutical products via renown selected Pharmacies, Duty Free, Tax Free sales outlets in cities and airport within Australia, and major health retailers chain in Singapore, China, Korea, Japan and internet selling in the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Global centres.

In the latter year of 2009 a Mother Nature HK nutriceutical retail store, conveniently located on one of the Hong Kong well established renowned accessible major road, was established for logistic convenience in distributing the products to its consumers globally.

With emphasis on health and wellbeing knowledge of modern day high stressed living it is vitally important for one to include health supplements in our daily diet as our knowledge of being healthy is being globally practiced.

The Mother Nature’s nutriceutical supplement range is designed to offer the consumer the best possible combination of products to assist in addressing and preventing the most pressing health problems of our today society.

Stress, environmental pollution, lack of sleep and exercise means as well as sensitive skin from the past usage of synthetic unguents, we all need a little help from nature sometimes, after all we are humans.

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Nutriceutical Materials

The Company acquires its supply of high standard Apiary, Marine and Flora products exclusively grown from Australia, however due to the high demand of certain nutriceutical products we are forced to seek out supplies as far away as United States and/or Northern Europe keeping within compliance to the guideline of Good Manufacturer Practice (GMP) and approved suppliers of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia and the Food and Drug Administration FDA of USA.

The Government of Australia under the stringent policing of the Therapeutic Goods Administration Act has approved the Company’s facility as suitable for manufacture and packaging of therapeutic goods. Quality control and inspection procedures are performed at the Company’s facilities upon receipt of the goods.

The Company’s nutriceutical products are also tested through chemical analysis performed at independent testing laboratories to ensure compliance with the Company’s standards and specifications are met at all times. Products are manufactured on a fixed price basis. Export sales are sold in Australian Dollars in order to limit transaction risk relating to fluctuations in foreign currency.

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Government Regulation & Health Issues

Distribution and sales of the Company’s products in Australia are regulated under the TGA Act of 1989 (the “Therapeutic Act”) and the Code of GMP for Therapeutic Goods for Human Consumption (the “Code of Therapeutic Goods”) that regulates wholesalers in the safe handling, storage and distribution of therapeutic products.

The Company’s current products have received “Certificate of Listing” from the Australian TGA, which grants listing in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods for approval of the sale of therapeutic goods within Australia and for export. Similar laws exist in other countries in which the Company’s products are sold. The Company believes that it is in compliance with all such regulations or qualifies for an exemption as a result of its compliance under Australian laws.

With respect to distribution of the Company’s nutriceutical products internationally, the processing, formulation, packaging, labelling and advertising of the Company’s products will be subject to regulation, e.g. In the United States of America one or more federal agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, among others.

The Hatch-Harkin Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 will also regulate these activities and by various agencies of the states and localities in which the Company’s products will be sold. The Company believes that it will comply with these laws and regulations in all material respects. Federal and state regulations are designed to protect consumers, to govern the promotion and advertising activities of the Company and other sellers of the Company’s products.

Changes in laws and regulations internationally could materially affect the Company and any costs of compliance associated with such laws and regulations.

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The nutriceutical health food, nutrition and lifestyle product industries are extremely competitive both domestically and internationally. The Company competes in a variety of segments within these product areas, including the categories of antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal products, as well as the intensely competitive consumer product, nutritional supplements and vitamins. Competitive factors include quality, price, style, name recognition and service. Although the Company believes that it can compete favourably in these areas, there can be no assurance thereof.

The Company will primarily compete in the sale of its nutriceutical products internationally and within Australia with pharmaceutical companies, specialty retailers, mass merchandisers, chain drug stores, health food stores department stores and supermarkets. Many of such companies have trademarked products known worldwide.

Mother Nature Health Products Pty Ltd also competes with big conglomerates as well as those who manufacture and distribute unknown and non-branded (generic) health and lifestyle products.

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International Sales and Marketing

The Company’s premium Trade Mark branded “Mother Nature” products has frequently been featured in numerous airline magazines, including Qantas Airlines (Spirit In-flight Magazine), Korean Airlines (The Korean In-flight Magazine), Air New Zealand (Pacific Way In-flight Magazine) and Australia Asian Airlines (Southern Sky In-flight Magazine) and has been sold to airline passengers at airport outlets. The Company’s products are also advertised in a number of specialty tourist magazines.

Having awareness of the product brand throughout Asia, an expansion to the People’s Republic of China’s marketplace has been an important step. Market agents and representative have been identified who are able to provide sales potential, and at the same time will provide the company with opportunities for a joint venture with local TGA approved pharmaceutical manufacturers, in turn it may dramatically reduce the cost of raw material shipment, manufacturing and packaging, that we are at present experiencing.

The Company creates customised merchandising programs for the duty free and specialist tax-free stores, which sell its products consisting of point-of-purchase displays to tourist with selections of world brand products in a variety, similar to that of the “Gucci, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Tag, Chivis Brothers, Sony, etc.” categories.

In this regard, the Company develops uniform packaging with branded product identification for all products.

The Company has found this approach to be particularly appealing to buyers in such channels of distribution, hence minimising their need to work with multiple suppliers and this avoids fragmented product presentation. This approach to “program sales” with packaging uniformity assists in the development of brand recognition that is an integral part of the Company’s marketing and product development plan. The Company believes that brand name product recognition has resulted in significant opportunities for sales of related or complementary products.

Seasonality of products is generally not a factor affecting the Company’s sales, although certain products are derived from plants, flowers and trees whose harvest is dependent upon weather and other climatic conditions, which may affect the yield of products produced from a particular crop. The Company has endeavoured to mitigate such risk by contracting to buy its products from plantations in different regions with varying weather and climatic conditions and from farms and plantations with diverse plant stock and maturity levels. The Company believes that such variety in purchasing will provide levels of product production within predictable and identifiable ranges.

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International Affiliations

In addition, the Company has entered into a numerous sales and marketing agreements with organizations for various territories within Asia and Europe.

In the continuous times your nutriceutical representative had spent with our representative, we can maintain that we at Mother Nature are looking forward to this ongoing amicable relationship with your agent who will begin its exclusive representation of Mother Nature in the respective global cities and with the leadership of your nutriceutical representative, the company have no doubt that the progress will be successful and productive for all of us.

As Mother Nature, we are honoured and proud to have this opportunity of being part of your foresight and your participation in being part of an organization that will succeed in providing the people on a global basis with nutriceutical supplements a good healthy and longevity lifestyle in the years to come.

Before the completion of this product introduction, stay in touch with Mother Nature Health Products Pty Ltd for new exciting nutriceutical products that will be introduced from time to time to continue exciting the lifestyle of the healthy people.

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The Company depends upon the development of brand recognition for its current and proposed products. Currently, the Company utilizes the following trade name in the sale of its products "Mother Nature". The Company acquired its "Mother Nature" trademark from Collage International Health Pty Ltd which registered such trademark for protection in Australia in 1990 and New Zealand in 1992; registrations are pending in Singapore, Japan, the United States, Canada, China and Taiwan. The Company has not yet applied for trademark protection for any of its other brand names; however, the Company intends to make such applications in the near future.

The Company believes that brand name identification differentiates the Company's products from its competitors and reflects the Company's marketing strategy of providing customers with high-quality, value-oriented products.

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February 2010


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