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Minor differences in colour and shape may occur due to hand made individuality.
Store below 30°C and let dry between use.


Natural Ingredients

Warning: Our products contain natural ingredients, some of which may cause an allergic reaction. Test on skin before use. If irritation, swelling of the mouth or skin occurs, discontinue use immediately. Always seek medical advice from your health care professional with regards to dosage and directions for use.



International Member of Handcrafted Soapmakers GuildAustralian Made


Hand Made Bath Soap
(Goats Milk with Rose Petals)

Mother Nature’s Goats Milk Soap has been specially handcrafted for you using Australian goat’s milk, natural and essential oils and a hint of rose petals. Making a luxurious creamy and silky soft soap that is free from petrochemicals and preservatives.

Goats Milk Soap (front)Goat’s milk has natural proteins, amino acids, Vitamin A and lactic acid that nourish and exfoliate while cleansing and softening your skin.

The natural oils in Mother Nature’s Goat Milk Soap will moisturise your skin giving a soft and silky feeling.

Geranium Essential Oil is included to help invigorate your skin, creating a balance between oily and dry skin while also helping to improve your skin's elasticity.

Pink Clay has been added for its deep cleansing, exfoliation and rejuvenation properties.

Regular use Mother Nature’s Goats Milk Soap may reduce sensitive skin problems of Acne, Eczema and Dermatitis.

Mother Nature’s Goats Milk Soap is the ideal natural soap to nourish revitalise and pamper your skin, leaving it clean, silky soft and smelling as sweet as a rose.




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